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Terms & Conditions

This Agreement contains the complete terms and conditions that apply to an individual’s or entity’s participation in the Olympic Fitness Affiliates Program (the ‘Program”). As used in this Agreement, ‘we’,’us’ or ‘’ ‘ our ’means Olympic Fitness  Internet Private Limited or any of our affiliate; parent; or group companies and our successors and assigns, as the case may be, and ‘you’ means the applicant. Olympic Fitness, collectively, the www.OlympicFitness.us  website. ‘your site’ means your website where you will link to the Olympic Fitness Site (and which you will identify in your Program application). Save for our obligation to pay referral fees under Section 4, which may be performed solely by us, we may cause any of our obligations under this Agreement to be fulfilled by any of our Affiliates (defined below), on our behalf.



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